Accomplishments: Recommendations

Executive Leader | Mentor | Founder | Director

Kendra’s work and expertise have been granted recommendations over the years. Some of the recommendations are listed below.

Written Letters

Chris Rose Magician – Magic Fundraiser project

PDF Recommendation Letter

Leslie Brothers – Game Jams at McDonough Art Museum

PDF Recommendation Letter 2017

Jarryd Huntley – Fellow Game Industry Leader in Ohio

PDF Recommendation Letter

Geoff Mellon former Professor for Game Art and Design

Recommendation Letter 1 PDF

Recommendation Letter 2 PDF

John McNally – Mayor of Youngstown, OH

Recommendation Letter PDF

LinkedIn Recommendations

Pat Kerrigan – Director of Oak Hill Collaborative, 501(c)(3) non-profit

“I have had the good fortune to work with Kendra at the Oak Hill Collaborative. She is very pleasant to work with, but more importantly, she is intelligent, hard-working, and professional. She has considerable digital skills and is dedicated to sharing those skills with others. I trust her implicitly and rely on her to carry out the non-profit work we do here. We couldn’t do it without her.”

Alexander Nischwitz – YGD Organizer and fellow Game Developer

“Kendra is one of the most dependable people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with!

“Kendra and I met when I moved back to Youngstown from the Columbus area. We worked together closely until she was making her move to the D.C. area, and during that time she taught me everything I know about community organization. Kendra is a fantastic networker, an unlimited well of practical wisdom, and has way more energy than most people I know. One time, she pushed through several days of the severe flu working on her solo Global Game Jam entry. Another time she learned complex eye-tracking technology and integrated it with a Unity Project in about a week.

“Kendra is the star that lights up our social events, and any team would be beyond lucky to have her!”

Sheila Henline – Librarian of Austintown Fitch High School – organized Teen Tech Week together

“Kendra is organized and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her.”

Shaquille Stoutamire – Fellow Game Developer and Student Mentor at YSU

“Kendra is a fantastic organizer who prioritizes helping our local community embrace game development and creativity. Her efforts with the Youngstown Game Developers have given students in the Youngstown-Warren area opportunities they would not have gotten without her selfless donation of time and energy in the pursuit of passing along her passion.”

Adam Magaña – Software Engineer for Drund App, fellow local Technology Leader

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kendra professionally and getting to know her personally. In work and life Kendra maintains a level of enthusiasm that rivals the best of us. She is not only disciplined with her career but she actively engages in the community and seeks to help mentor others.

“Kendra was one of my main points of contact when she was the Lead Multimedia Technician at Austintown Schools. She was someone I could trust to give good feedback, ask relevant questions, and quickly understand concepts when I was there to train and support the school district. I could also trust her to act as a proxy for helping others with concepts and feature sets while I was away. She was easily one of my most valuable contacts during that time.

“I often run into Kendra at local tech meetups. It is because of her and the Youngstown Game Developers group (a group she started) that I got to know other developers from my area. Kendra puts in the time and effort to help build a more close-knit community and bring people together.”

Dan D’Eramo – Advertising Director at the Vindicator Newspaper

“Kendra brought her knowledge of digital to The Vindicator and was very supportive of the needs of our Advertising Department. Her support came in the form of teaching, training, and implementation of digital opportunities, especially those related to revenue.”

Olivia Huffstetler – Fellow Tech Professional

“Kendra has a deep understanding of the game design and implementation from the many projects she has innovated and produced which were fueled by her own strong will, dedication, and determination to support and expand the gaming industry. You won’t find anyone else like her and you’d be hard-pressed to find one as driven to continue to prosper.”

Brian McCombs – YGD Member, Software Engineer for Dick’s Sporting Goods

“I met Kendra through the Youngstown Game Developers group, which was a meetup group that she organized. She was always friendly and energetic, and put a lot of effort into it, especially when organizing our game jam! I loved getting to know her and talking with her about game development at our meetups.”

Jeff Rimko – YGD Organizer, Software Engineer for Autosoft

“Kendra possesses many exceptional skills. As a leader and organizer, she is focused and driven. As an artist, she is creative and talented. Her enthusiasm shines through in everything she does.”

Chad Birt – Multimedia Coworker at Univision Television

“Kendra is a talented designer, animator, and graphic artist. As the lead graphics expert for the 5 PM and 10 PM newscasts, Kendra was tasked with building a wide array of content including maps, mug shots, full-screen graphics, and more. Her attention to detail and eye for aesthetically pleasing presentations helped our shows stand out.”

William Jones – Co-founder of YGD, Senior Software Developer

“Kendra is a great communicator and organizer. She is great about keeping everyone in the loop. Furthermore, she is a talented and thoughtful designer and artist who is passionate about her work. Kendra is awesome to work with and I would highly recommend her in any creative endeavor.”

Dave Laird – Web Developer at The Vindicator Newspaper

“Kendra is the definition of a hard worker, constantly looking to make things better. Working side-by-side with her is a treat because she never has a shortage of ideas or insight – she studies design trends and best practices like most people breathe air.

“Outside of her day job, she has proven that the gaming industry isn’t just a “boys club” anymore. She’s made a name for herself in the Indie Game Dev world with her own game studio and by proving to be a valuable source for devs all over the globe. Her blog knows no boundaries. Locally, she’s on her way to putting Youngstown on the map as a hot spot for developers by leading the Youngstown Game Developers group. I don’t know how the woman sleeps.

“If you have Kendra on your side “quitting” is not in your vocabulary and failure is not an option.”

Paul Gavin – Austintown Fitch High School

“Kendra is a school teacher at Fitch High School. She is a fun kind person that will make the day fun for everyone. If you have a chance to work with this kind of person, it’s a pleasure.”

William Dzenowski – Austintown Fitch High School

“Works great with everyone around her and is an asset to any organization that she is a part of. Kendra shows great devotion and is extremely dedicated to whatever it is that she puts her mind to. I highly recommend hiring her for any upcoming projects that require someone of her expertise.”

Cort Franklin – Manager at Mobile Post Production

“Kendra is extremely focused, detail-oriented, and brings positive energy. She was an integral part of our mobile QA team at Mobile Post Production, and has my highest recommendation.”

Geoff Mellon – College Professor

“I was Kendra’s professor at the Art Institute of Phoenix. Kendra was a talented and dedicated artist. She was always able to pick up new tools and figure out workflows better than most. The digital format really helped Kendra’s style break out of the classical style restrictions often found with traditional art mediums. She is a loyal and dedicated worker and I would hire her for any position, she would be a great asset to any project or company.”