Executive Leader.

Let’s increase profits through better workflows while raising the morale across your team.

Remote Work
Project Management
Some Graphic and UI Designs

Marketing, Art Asset, & UI Design Pipelines

Kendra’s experience in graphic and UI design is a valuable asset for understand pipelines and workflows for game marketing, art asset, and UI pipelines.

Make an Impact

You want to make a positive impact. Kendra wants to help you make that impact.

Leadership & Team Management

Building and maintaining relationships is a key factore to being a producer. Kendra’s in-person and remote communication skills are an asset to a game production team environment.

Increase Pipeline Workflows

In today’s consumer market, increasing workflow efficiency is key. Your game needs to be profitable and visible. Kendra works with the team to adjust workflows for a better output.

Improve Team Morale

Team morale is fundamental to game development. Defining the optimism, enthusiasm, and excitement within a team increases productivity. Kendra focuses on this to improve team engagement.

Meeting Deadlines

Meeting deadlines and benchmarks are a vital part of game development. Kendra works with teams to focus on colaboration within the studio and for managing external partnerships at a global level.

Understanding Our Players

Education is Key

Educating team members on understanding who our players are and who we want them to be is essential. It helps them to have a better view on what should be delivered and come up with ideas for improving gameplay and increasing player count.

Game Development Experience

Game Design and Development

Kendra has worked on AAA, indie contracts, and even developed her own games through Eimear Studios. She has also taught at the college and K-12 levels on how to design and make games. Her experience and understanding of the entire game development process is vauable in being able to plan and coordinate.

Kendra’s Work

Check out some of her awesome projects.


Don’t take her word for it – here’s what people she’s worked with in the past have to sat.

Kendra is a fantastic designer. She has worked with us on our Magic Fundraiser project from the start. She has the willingness to help anyone anytime she can. She is very well organized, diligent in her paperwork, easily reachable, and always on time. We will use her talents wherever we can.

Chris Rose

Entertainer, Comedian, Magician

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kendra professionally and getting to know her personally. In work and life Kendra maintains a level of enthusiasm that rivals the best of us. She is not only disciplined with her career but she actively engages in the community and seeks to help mentor others.

Adam Magaña

Software Engineer, Drund App

Kendra brought her knowledge of digital to The Vindicator and was very supportive of the needs of our Advertising Department.          
Her support came in the form of teaching, training and implementation of digital opportunities, especially those related to revenue.

Dan D’Eramo

Advertising Director, Vindicator 

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Digital media and entertainment industry is one of the largest industries in the world. It’s a lot more than pretty pictures, funny advertisements, and fun games. There’s a lot of research, understanding of consumers, and skill involved. Kendra loves working with her team and loves what she does.

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