About Kendra Corpier

Interactive Designer Developer, Game Design, Marketing, SEO, Graphic Design

Kendra has 10+ years of experience with marketing, art, game design, game development, interactive design, web design, and graphic design in various industries including game development, marketing, advertising, local news, digital news, non-profits, and event coordinating. Kendra has developed and designed commercials for television and YouTube while working for Univision Television and The Youngstown Vindicator. Kendra has been published on the GoDaddy Blog, Gamasutra, and Game Career Guide on topics such as game development, marketing, and project development.

Through Youngstown Game Developers, The Youngstown Vindicator, Austintown Local School District, Eimear Studios, and other companies and organizations, Kendra has extensive experience with SEO, various content management systems, analytics, digital marketing management, web design, graphic design and can retain, manage, and grow partnerships for networking and marketing. She has given PowerPoint speeches, panel discussions, and presentations on networking, marketing, digital media, graphic design, and other business-related topics through connections with various organizations.

Through Eimear Studios, THQ, Youngstown Game Developers, and contract work, Kendra has extensive knowledge and experience within the gaming industry. With THQ, Kendra worked in QA to help develop several console titles. With Eimear Studios, Kendra has developed mobile, PC, and console titles. Through Youngstown Game Developers, Kendra has worked on various teams through game jams and projects to develop PC and console games, as well as helping many studios market and brand their game projects. Kendra has also taught marketing and game development for STEM education at the K-12 level, as well as several college-level courses using Unity and the Adobe Software Suite.

Kendra re-branded the Austintown Local School District and its campus, as well as other media projects that were needed for the schools. Kendra founded the networking group, Youngstown Game Developers, and currently handles web media, digital designs, event marketing, project management, and PR. Kendra has also worked with national, international, and local businesses for event sponsorships. With Oak Hill Collaborative, Kendra was the Technology Director and Marketer, handling program management, local business relationships, marketing management, digital graphics, security and IT management, event management, and other marketing responsibilities as needed.

Kendra communicates well with businesses and community organizations, volunteering for and helping run several of them. She understands the needs of a community, digital and in-person, and can execute plans and directions to help you meet your goals.

Kendra is local to Knoxville, TN.

Kendra would love the opportunity to work with you; contact her now.